Friulian restaurant for Lombards and non-Lombards,
with Milanese cuisine also for Friulians


Opening hours
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 12:00pm - 3:30pm | 7:30pm - 11:00pm
Sundays 12:30pm - 3:30pm | 4:00pm-6:00 Tasting Table
Mondays and Tuesdays Closed

the Osteria

The Osteria is the nest of the heraldic eagle of the Friuli flag where it spreads its wings to take rest. It is a home where the fragile soul of men goes to seek refuge.
In the Osteria today, you certainly have to enter with your face mask on, but that's where you drop the real mask, the one that doesn't conceal, the one we all wear until our third glass.
In the Osteria the 'who you are' falls down and the 'what you say' rises up, in a balance that knocks the misunderstandings down, making us all the same in the eyes of the Oste, just as small and fragile as our blasphemies.
The Osteria is theatre, where movements and spaces are mastered, where pauses are more important than words, where you play, as in life, a part to be seen by someone but never revealed in your intimacy.
We go to the theatre not to see someone performing, but because the actor's job is to remind us every day of how much we are performing and that is why, if we are observed in the stalls from the stage, we feel embarrassed. The same embarrassment we feel when we hear our own voice recorded.
The Oste is like Dante's Minos who belts his tail according to your sins and sends you to the circle you belong to. Only, the rounds to which the Oste is referring to are not tail rounds...
The Osteria is the soul of a Friuli fighting its fear, where it would like to be observed so that it wouldn't need to make the effort to explain itself.
Now time is on hold.
Let's remember, when time starts ticking again, to go and preserve that soul stronghold that the Osteria represents, and to do it right now. Wine will take care of the rest.

Matteo Bellotto

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